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While Pomeranians are known for being choosy about their food, they do not need any particular specialty diet to be healthy and happy. Following the standards of the canine diet, any owner can feed their Pomeranian adequately. Canines are primarily meat-eaters, and this is true of the Pomeranian. Many dogs will not eat foods that are too high in vegetable and grain products, and these foods are not very healthy for your pet. A diet heavy in meat products is best for any dog, particularly the Pomeranian.

Some owners will be concerned that their Pomeranian is not receiving all its potential nutrition without plant products in the diet. Many store-brand foods contain a blend of processed meats and vegetables that are more palatable and digestible to dogs. Lots of dogs develop allergies to filler ingredients such as soy and corn, so it is important to find foods that do not contain these ingredients. Indications of a food allergy include excessive licking, itchy noses, vomiting, and diarrhea. If your Pomeranian displays any of these signs, it is best to switch their food. Some owners choose to feed raw diets to avoid allergies, and Pomeranians are capable of digesting raw meat, but one must be careful that the meat is always fresh and clean. Feeding meat that is home-cooked is another viable option for dogs with allergies.

While there are many reasons to feed a raw diet, dry food also has the benefit of built-in dental maintenance. Dry kibble will help strengthen and clean the teeth. If you are feeding your Pomeranian primarily fresh or cooked foods, you must take extra care to brush their teeth to avoid problems like tooth decay and Gingivitis.

Pomeranians are notorious for overeating if they take to a food, and thus obesity can be a problem for the breed. Be very careful to monitor how much your pet is eating and make sure that he or she is maintaining a healthy weight. Being that Pomeranians are a tiny breed, overfeeding is a common issue. Always leave plenty of water out even when it is not feeding time, as proper hydration is necessary for the active Pomeranian.

Pomeranian puppies have a very similar diet to their adult counterparts. There are a number of puppy formula foods available for purchase. Puppies should be fed less, but more frequently than adults. Several meals a day well help encourage proper growth. Never leave excess food in their bowls if they do not eat it; it can cause bacteria growth which can make your puppy sick.

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