Pet Grooming With Diana – #1 Pomeranian

Professional Groomer and owner of Paws & Claws Grooming Salon in North Hampton, NH, Diana shares some of her tips for grooming your pet Pomeranian for touch ups at home between visits to the groomer. Produced, directed, photographed and edited by Soso R. Whaley of Moaning Dog Productions.

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  • HeyItzSara

    That Pom is alot …
    That Pom is alot bigger than I thought =/
    maybe its a mix ?


    I did the think …
    I did the think with the smell in its but. IT ISNT JUST A SMELL ITS A LIQUID THAT GOES ON PEOPLES FACES. It happend to me. But I think she should of mentioned that it was a liquid. That goes on peoples faces like mine. Its true it smell HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Kittylove5

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the video. That’s one well behaved pom but why is there a hammer on the grooming table? Isn’t that dangerous and quite an odd place to have it.

    I’m counting the days when my little pom comes home to me! :)

  • 10224256

    my words exactly
    my words exactly

  • jrehnke

    there is only one …
    there is only one type of Pomeranian. However, while breed standard is only up to 7 pounds, some poms have been known to be as large as 18 pounds.

  • Ayxiral

    Then she’s not a …
    Then she’s not a pedigree pom. There is only one type of pom, they are all counted as toy.

  • aprylbitch

    are there two …
    are there two different types of poms?? because i was expecting mine to be smaller but shes really big???

  • GymBuggey

    No, not at all!
    No, not at all!

  • lighthouse44

    What a cute dog. …
    What a cute dog. Very well behaved throughout that entire ordeal.

  • MsTeddiiBear

    if i leave it on …
    if i leave it on will i lead to infection?

  • shelonewolf

    you should clip it …
    you should clip it off not leave it as it gets dirty fast

  • katiykate

    its fine if you …
    its fine if you shave it off, its supposed to be shaven, its just hair

  • MsTeddiiBear

    anyone agree she …
    anyone agree she was a little rough on the poor chap?

  • MsTeddiiBear

    hm thanks now i …
    hm thanks now i know not to cut it off like she did thanks

  • nancylovesjack

    This Pom is so calm …
    This Pom is so calm. I’m jealous. ….but this information is so helpful… If only my little girl will sit still.

  • Boboua

    What about the …
    What about the dog’s pee string? The long tuft of hair on their penis? I thought it was used to guide the urine to to ground and not on their bodies? She clipped it right off!

  • Kokorochan90

    I’ve been thinking …
    I’ve been thinking about starting as a pet groomer myself.. As my own business or at the vet.. but do you need education for this?
    And how do you get it, if that’s the case?
    I’m already good at grooming, cutting the fur etc etc.. Thanks for answers :)

  • dazzledog6

    She gets fatter? …
    She gets fatter? maybe she needs to go to the vet.

  • iLuvMyPom12

    i have a qusetion. …
    i have a qusetion. How can u tell if ur pom is pregnant??

  • Draggyscope


  • BondiAngela

    My pom is also …
    My pom is also terrified of noises and the vacuum, so I use scissors on top of a comb to cut his hair. It’s takes 1-2 hours but he loves it and he ‘s always very happy with his new hair cut. If I try to cut his claws he shows his teeth. Some times his just impossible.

  • tillieanne76

    That is one docile …
    That is one docile pom!
    Mine see’s me coming,armed with brush,comb,scissors and nail clippers,does 25 rounds of the front room,and disapears into his crate!

  • boyurismo


  • dazzledog6

    He has to be rugby …
    He has to be rugby tackled to get him in the bath,and a hairdryer is a no no,he bolts under the bed.

  • dazzledog6

    That is a very well …
    That is a very well behaved dog,mine is called tiger,for a very good reason.